Pets Are Dying Of Heatstroke Because Owners Are Ignoring Advice In Hot Weather

Pets are dying from heatstroke because people are ignoring care advice and leaving animals in cars or taking dogs for walks in hot weather, leading charities have warned.

The latest figures for the RSPCA’s emergency hotline, released to HuffPost UK, show that between between July 1 and 22, inspectors received 1,806 calls about animals and heat exposure. Around 90% of these calls related to dogs left in hot cars. 

Earlier in July, the animal welfare charity said a healthy five-year-old dog had died of heatstroke after being taken for a walk in the sun.

Heatstroke develops when a dog or cat is unable to reduce their body temperature, and it can be fatal.

RSPCA officials say they have been left stunned by some of the excuses given to them by owners who have been caught leaving their pets in sweltering cars.

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