'People Are Keeling Over': Overcrowded Trains Prompt Health Concerns During Heatwave

Overcrowding is on the rise on Britain’s trains, exacerbating health concerns in the current heatwave as packed and overheated trains cause people to faint in carriages and at stations. 

Figures released on Tuesday by the Department of Transport reveal that overcrowding has remained a problem for many of the nation’s biggest stations in the last year. 

On a normal weekday, almost 170,000 a day people are forced to stand up on trains during the morning commute into the biggest cities.

The five most overcrowded stations are in London, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds and Cardiff.

During morning peak times, 23% of passengers stand on trains going into London. The data revealed that people arriving at Blackfriars in the morning are the most likely commuters to be standing in the country, with 36% of passengers unable to find a seat.

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