Parents Unaware Bedwetting In Kids Aged Five And Over Could Be A 'Medical Condition'

Parents are unaware children aged five and over who wet the bed could have a medical condition, a new survey has found. 

In a survey of 2,000 parents by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, 70% of parents didn’t know bedwetting could be caused by a medical issue and 81% admitted they were unaware of the causes of bedwetting.

The survey also found just 9% of parents admitted they would discuss the issue with their friends and other parents. 

“Due to our reluctance to talk about bodily functions and the lack of publicity and education about bedwetting, many people do not understand that bedwetting is considered a medical condition and that treatment is available,” Davina Richardson, paediatric continence advisor for PromoCon, commented on the findings.

Allen Donikowski via Getty Images


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