Parents Sign Petition Against School's Uniform Policy Requiring Them To Buy Garments With Logo On

More than 500 parents have signed a petition against a school’s uniform policy, which they’ve branded “ridiculous”.

Kids at Redhill Academy in Nottinghamshire have allegedly been told that from September 2017, they will be required to wear trousers and skirts with the school logo on.

However Kerri Nash, a mum of a child at the school, said parents are only able to purchase the correct uniform from one retailer, making the cost expensive.

“This petition is a cry from all parents and carers to the board of Redhill Academy,” she wrote on the petition.

“Although we want our children to look smart and conform to uniform rules, we feel as though the new rule for having the logo on school trousers and skirts that we can only purchase from one retailer is beyond ridiculous.” 

Photos of trousers and a skirt for The Redhill Academy on ‘Just-Schoolwear’.

Nash believes parents’ opinion was not considered when the decision was made to change the uniform policy.

“Lower income families currently struggle with uniform costs,” she wrote. “The board can not expect these families to pay more, just for a logo. 

“Most importantly the price is extortionate. Children, especially in the lower years will have a lot of wear and tear.

“Surely one or two pairs over the course of a year will end up looking bedraggled and untidy.”

At the time of writing, the petition had 564 supporters out of the 1,000 goal. 

“The cost is just ridiculous,” Victoria Shaw, a parent at the school commented on the petition. Another wrote: “Unfair extra cost.”

The trousers and skirts are being sold from £15.95 on the Just Schoolwear website, going up to £18.95 for bigger sizes. 

Sharon Turton, who has two children at the school, told BBC News: “It’s more than double what we are currently paying for one pair. 

“You don’t buy just one pair of school trousers. You always buy two or three pairs to allow for dirt, damage or whatever.”

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