Parents Release Graphic Images Of Seven-Year-Old With Meningitis To Raise Awareness Of The Disease

Warning: Some readers may find the photos in the article graphic. 

A seven-year-old girl who was struck down with meningitis B days after being a bridesmaid at her parents’ wedding has to have her foot amputated to save her life. 

Brogan-Lei Partridge contracted a strain of the disease while she was on her mum Aimee Partridge, 25, and dad Craig Partridge’s, 29, honeymoon. 

The Partridge’s released the pictures of their daughter in Birmingham Children’s Hospital to raise awareness about meningitis B. 

“This has totally changed my outlook on life,” Mrs Partridge said.

“It’s shown what’s important and what isn’t, who’s there and who isn’t and people who just want a bit of gossip in comparison to those who genuinely care.

“We went from the happiest day…

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