Parents Debate Whether You Should Have Party Bags At Kids' Birthdays: 'It's All A Load Of Junk'

A mum blogger has started a debate after she argued that parents should ditch the tradition of giving out party bags at kids birthdays.

Renee Kaiman, a mum-of-two from Toronto, Canada, said parents should keep the “pound store crap to themselves”.

“I have been attending numerous birthday parties over the last few weekends, and it’s just junk,” Kaiman told CBC Metro Morning.

“My kids obviously love to receive it, but within a few minutes things are broken and there’s lots of pieces all over my house. It’s just a waste of money.”

Yamada Taro via Getty Images

On her blog ‘My So-Called Mummy Life’, Kaiman added: “Can’t we all just agree that its enough with these bags?

“Let’s teach kids about making the birthday child feel good by being there to celebrate with them. After…

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