Parents Debate How Old Is Too Old For Children To See Their Mums And Dads Naked, So What Do You Think?

Parents are discussing how old is too old for children to see their mums and dads naked.

Mumsnet user AnotherDime posted the question on the parenting forum on Tuesday 4 July, explaining that her two sons are four and six.

“We are pretty relaxed about talking to each other while one is in the bath or walking from bathroom to bedroom naked,” she wrote.

“Quite often we all sleep naked in our house… my eldest son (six) happened to mention he’d seen mummy naked to one of his teachers today.

“Though she wasn’t overly bothered, she did mention it to me as if I should start to avoid this scenario.”


The mum asked other parents on the forum whether her six-year-old son was too old to see her naked, adding: “Am I being unreasonable to think it’s fine?”

One mum said she has always been steered by her children on this matter. 

“I haven’t seen my eldest naked (or vice versa) since he was about ten,” she wrote.

“Yet my 13-year-old daughter has to be reminded to put clothes on at times and often sits in the bathroom with me. 

“My second son is five and couldn’t give two shits either way.”

Mumsnet user NotYoda agreed, writing: “Stop it when they feel uncomfortable.

“You will see them shutting their doors more and rushing to put clothes on or getting annoyed if you see them partly clothed. When you see that, I’d cover up.

“I also always knock before entering rooms, and always have done. You’ve probably got a few more years to go yet.” 

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Mumsnet user ClopySow wrote: “I stopped when they started becoming more self-conscious about their body.

“My children were around nine or 10 when they started wanting more privacy in the bathroom, that’s when I started covering up.”

And another wrote: “I agree, this isn’t about what you are comfortable with, it’s what your kids are comfortable with, take your lead from them.

“It sounds like your son is now recognising it so I would stop if I was you. Not a lot of kids past this age want…

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