Parents Criticise Tesco For Selling Girl's School Shoes With Heel

The photo, taken by a parent at Tesco, was captioned: “Children’s feet are not meant to wear heels, wedges or platforms.

Especially as they are being marketed as schools shoes to be worn every day, rather than on special occasions: “When parents see big brands selling this it’s easy to normalize, it’s easy to think that it must be ok.”

The group claims that heels can cause permanent damage to feet, ligaments and posture in adults, and should not be sold to young children.

Commenter Sarah Jackson said: “School range? Really? It’s bad enough they’re selling heeled children’s shoes anyway, but as appropriate for school? Shame on you Tesco.”

Graeme Ryune Thorne said: “Nobody’s feet are made for heels, but adults can make an educated decision and can weigh up…

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