Pampers New Baby Size 2 Mini 3-6kg Jumbo Pack 68 Nappies

Description The Pampers Premium Protection New Baby offer maximum comfort and the best protection for the newborn baby’s sensitive skin. It is soft as silk and moisture-absorbent and ramollissent stool Baby quickly and safely with the double absorption. Features: Our highest level of comfort and protection. Our layers of “soft as silk. Our highest level of comfort and protection do not contain silk. The special channels and absorbant pads help to disperse moisture well on a regular basis to keep your baby dry and comfortable urine indicator shows that the nappy is wet and it is time to change. The special dual absorption absorbs moisture and softens quickly and safely stool. The special cut-out for the baby’s sensitive navel belly bar ensures a comfortable position (available in sizes 1 and 2). Use MaterialPampers
Every little miracle deserves the best protection, which is why our new new baby nappies are now equipped with a coloured humidity indicator. It becomes Blue when child is toilet to alert you that needs to be changed.Exclusive Jumbo Pack pharma2 m

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