Pampers New Baby Size 0 Micro Nappies, 24 Nappies

Pampers New Baby 24 Nappies Size Micro (1-2,5kg) is the best protection Pampers for the skin of the new born.Nappies New Baby are made with a colored indicator of urine which becomes blue when baby has a pee to indicate you that it is necessary to change its nappy. These ultra-soft and mico-airy coats nappies possess an Absorption Double exclusive system, specially made to absorb the soft saddles of the newborn children and keep them in the dry. Overlapping Fastening/ Small Babies.Umbilical cord comfort.Pampers’ protection for new-born’s skin
A longer patch for added protection at the back
Distinct absorb-away layer to absorb quickly wetness and runny poo
Wetness indicator turns blue when your baby pees, indicating a possible nappy change

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