Pampers New Baby Nappies Size 1 Jumbo Pack 72 Case of 2 Total 144 Nappies_Sapphire Fashions

– New Pampers New Baby offers unbeatable protection for newborn skin – UK Mums most trusted newborn nappy – Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance – As well as the unique Absorb-Away Layer, New Baby nappies now have a longer absorption patch – Absorption patch gives your baby added protection at the back, quickly drawing wetness and runny poo away from your baby’s precious skin – With the Pampers Premium Protection range your newborn will feel nothing but love – Cotton-like-softness gives babies all the comfort they need – New Navel Friendly Shape keeps your baby protected with a curved fit around the belly – Pampers New Baby nappies are offered in sizes 1, 2 and 3 Outgrowing New Baby nappies soon? Keep them in Pampers best protection with Active Fit for our best dryness and fit. Use together with New Pampers New Baby Sensitive wipes for extra loving moments at change time: specially designed to gently clean your new baby’s skinSize: 1
Case of 2
Per pack 74
Total 148 Nappies

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