Outrage After 'Inconsiderate' Drivers Block In Ambulance On 999 Call

West Midlands Ambulance Service
Birmingham paramedics responding to a 999 call found themselves blocked in by ‘inconsiderate’ parking 

Paramedics attending an emergency call have shared photos of the moment they were unable to take a patient to hospital because drivers had blocked in their ambulance.

Birmingham-based Simon Wong and his crew, who work for the West Midlands Ambulance Service, were unable to stretcher their elderly patient into the ambulance due to the “inconsiderate parking”. 

“Attended a 999 call,” Wong wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, attaching images of the incident. 

“When returning to the ambulance with the patient to go to hospital, cars had blocked us in front and back – despite us parking on double yellows with our rear light flashing.” 

“It says keep clear on the ambulance for a reason,” he added. 

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