* * * Our Best Selling Lanabest XXL Extra Thick Large Medical Merino Lambskin Premium Quality Made in Germany. Fur, Soft, Riechend Washable at 30 Degrees. Size approx. 100 cm

. In the manufacturing, we use only environmentally friendly detergent and we do not use any chemical odour eliminator denn auch in nature, all flower and grass has its own natural smell. Since our merino lambskin is a natural product, it will be in a short time the environment odour and accept Lightweight typical leather smell. It is designed for children and adults alike Even Better Than Any Chemical odour eliminator. Lanabest Premium, Quality, you can rely on.Lanabest Extra Large Medical Lamb skins are genuine Merino lamb’s coats. Merino wool have a high density, making it an ideal raw material for the discerning tool drum use as a baby lamb’s fur or as a heavy duty bed or as a soft comfortable seat underlay on the sofa. Merino wool naturally have a curly fur. Thanks to the many times over comb are tight curls letting you create a unique look while that easy comb, but it can have sporadically Rare case that the skins Naturlockige. These are super soft.Extra large medical, Lanabest sheepskin on the market. UK TOP QUALITY. Chrome and Öko-Tex certified
Low odour. In production we use only the environmentally-friendly and skin-friendly detergent and we use any chemical odour eliminator. Since our Merino Lambskin is a natural product, it will be in a short time the Umgebung odour that. It is great for kids and adults alike even better than any chemical odour eliminator. Lanabest Premium, quality, you can rely on.
Washable at 30 °C. Chrome Free sogenannte medical tanning
Waterproof, durable head for adult to bust boredom. Shorn to 3 cm for best comfort, Great Pressure Relief and unique good climate qualities: Natural warming and muscle relaxing in summer and fresh in winter
A baby lamb fur, as a bed pet for Children and young people for better sleeping or as a popular home remedy to protect against pressure sores, of insomnia – for back pain

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