OneMoreT Quality White Fiberglass Screen Mesh 1.2m Net Insect Fly Bug Mosquito Spider


White flexible,
woven fiberglass mesh,
Mesh hole size is 1.2mm x 1.0mm. (strands per inch)
PVC coated mesh for fly screen doors and windows.

Priced by the meter, cut from a 1.2m wide roll.
Supplied as a single piece, so if you order more then one of this item, we’ll send it one continuous length.
Enter the number of meters required (length in metre) into the quantity box.
The mesh will arrive folded. All the folding lines disappear in 48hrs or less.

This is just the mesh, without any velcro tape, if you’re looking for velcro tape, please note you’ll need both hooks and loop side as well, and we sell it separately, please check our other item to find that listing.
Ideal fly screen when fitted to window and doors and provides protection from wasps, flies, moth, mosquito, spider, midge and stop all other insects around windows, doors, vent.
Easy to cut with scissors to fit any size necessary.
Fibreglass insect screen is manufactured from a weaved glass fibre netting that is PVC coated resulting in a product with small mesh holes designed to act as a physical barrier to most insects.
The fine mesh screening can be used in many applications and is commonly installed on door and window openings to prevent the insects whilst allowing full ventilation and good light transmission
The mesh is also used in cladding systems to act as a fly screen behind cladding whilst allowing full ventilation

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