One Year Until Brexit, Will Theresa May Get Her ‘Divorce With Benefits’? HuffPost Verdict

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With divorce rates on the rise for older couples, Brexit certainly captures the zeitgeist.  

After 46 years of an increasingly loveless marriage, the UK and the EU will finally call it a day exactly one year from now.

The younger generation, like the grandchildren of the new wave of ‘silver splitters’, remain baffled and hurt at a break-up so tantalisingly close to a Golden Wedding anniversary.

But millions of others are glad to end the happy families façade and start a civilised carve-up of the record collection, the house and pension rights.

A year from today, the UK exits the European Union. And to mark this strange reverse-anniversary, Theresa May is zipping around the country in a small plane.

It’s a belated attempt to reunite our dis-United Kingdom, cementing ties between the four separate nations as well as healing bitter Remain-Leave divisions opened up during the EU…

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