One Family, One Meal: Five Ways To Save At Family Meal Time This Autumn

With Christmas just around the corner, lots of us are looking to cut down our spending to save for the indulgent time of year. We were shocked to read last week that most people in the UK eat only one portion of fruit and veg every day – and all too often the reason is cost, according to research by the National Charity Partnership.

While food is always top of the agenda in the Chiappa household, we try to make the most of seasonal ingredients and we hate waste. Thank goodness for Autumn…there are tonnes of delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables around when it comes to getting your five a day and there are plenty of ways to make fruit and vegetables go further. We’ve put down some of our top tips for getting the most from your veg (as well as keeping the pennies in the wallet!) Plus the bonus is it’s also great news for your health too – saving room for all the Christmas treats!


Make the most of ALL your veg!
As a nation, we chuck away a massive proportion of fresh food and we can make a start at combatting this just by using vegetables in their entirety. Even the stalks of certain vegetables that would normally be thrown straight out (beetroot, Swiss chard and kale, for example) can be made into a delicious side dish or a snack. Simply blanch them in boiling water, drizzle with olive oil (or butter) and add some cheese of choice (our favourite is Parmesan), then roast or grill in the oven until softened and golden. So tasty and unbelievably easy.

As for the bits that are unpalatable or past their best, try whipping up some home-made stock. I use any rubbery carrots and tired-looking celery that is lurking in the fridge. Another tip is to freeze potato peelings, onion skins and butternut squash cuttings as and when, ready to throw into the stock pot after your next roast. Pour over cold water, bring to the boil, lower the heat and go about your day.

Pick your own.
This time of year is perfect to go along to a fruit and vegetable farm to pick your own produce in bulk to be stored in the…

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