Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicles Frozen Purees Moulds

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Nuby’s new garden fresh fruitsicles are specially designed for making fresh puree popsicles at home. Nuby’s fruitsicles are the perfect size for baby’s small hands and are designed to catch drips as the pop melts. Fruitsicles are perfect for teething babies with sore gums. This set includes 4 fruitsicle handles and a tray to mold the pops while keeping them in place in your freezer. To use: fill compartments with fresh puree, breast milk or juice. Snap handles into mold and freeze until solid.4 x ice lolly moulds with handles and freezer tray.
Great for making fresh puree popsicles at home.
Clever design fits perfectly in baby’s small hands and catches any drips as it melts.
The fruitsicles also act as a great teether soothing sore gums.
From 6M+, BPA FREE, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe.

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