Not The Royal Wedding #7: The DIY Touches Making These Weddings Extra Special

More than half of weddings now feature homemade invitations, stationery and favours, according to The UK Wedding Statistics Report. It’s a trend being embraced by the couples taking part in HuffPost UK’s ‘Not The Royal Wedding’ – our series celebrating people getting married on the same day as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

From reminders of absent love ones, to beautiful handmade pompoms, and of course the important matter of cakes, they explain how getting crafty has allowed them to make the day extra personal and to save crucial cash. Let’s not forget, the average UK wedding now costs more than £27,000. 

Emma Tretton, 26, who is getting married Rachel Sutton, 27, is a self-confessed “bargain hunter”. By adding handmade touches, she’s hoping to make their wedding really personal – one of her favourite pieces is the couple’s hand-painted “memory ladder” which they will fill with flowers and a picture of Emma’s late nan.

“We’re marrying on the anniversary of her death,” says Emma. “It may sound morbid but I wanted to feel like she was there and make a day full of sad memories into something more positive.”

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