'No Evidence' For Philip Hammond's Claims Over Disabled People In Workforce, Treasury Admits

The Treasury has been forced to deny Philip Hammond’s controversial claim that more disabled people working could be a factor behind Britain’s low productivity rates.

The Chancellor has been criticised for not apologising for the claim, after an answer to a written question conceded there was no evidence for it.

Green MP Caroline Lucas asked Hammond, in a written question, to explain the evidence that linked the two.

MP Andrew Jones, the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, wrote back: “There is no evidence of a relationship between aggregate productivity measures and an increase in workforce participation of people with disabilities.”

PA Wire/PA Images
Philip Hammond said the rise in disabled people working ‘may have had an impact on overall productivity measurements’

Lucas castigated Hammond for not apologising, saying: “Why does sorry always seem to be the hardest word for ministers in this shambolic government?”

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