Nine Things YouGov Found Out About Fans Of The Spice Girls

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With the forthcoming Spice Girls reunion now revealed to be for an animated superhero movie, YouGov has asked more than 31,000 Brits who their favourite member of the band is.

Thanks to YouGov’s Profiles tool, not only do we now know who the most popular band member is, but also how fans of the respective Spice Girls differ in their attitudes.

Baby Spice is the most popular Spice Girl

Of those who picked a favourite, Baby Spice was the most popular, at 37%. Sporty Spice comes in second on 23%, followed by Ginger on 19% and Posh on 12%. Scary Spice proved the least popular of the group, with only 9% saying they thought she was the best member.


Girl Power is strongest among those who say Scary Spice is their favourite

The Spice Girls were all about Girl Power, and none more so than fans of Scary Spice. While 83-90% of those with a favourite Spice Girl believe in gender equality, only a minority would describe themselves as “feminist”. (As previous YouGov research has shown, this is a common attitude). However, it is those who favour…

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