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How Does it Induce Sleep?

Focusing on the light beam projected on the ceiling slows down the flow of your thoughts. At the same time, synchronizing your (abdominal) breathing with the movement of the light gradually reduces your breathing rate from 11 to 6 breaths per minute. A very slow breathing rate based on the heart coherence rate allows you to regulate the autonomic nervous system. The rhythm of the light also has a hypnotic effect. This relaxing activity helps you get rid of the churning thoughts that keep you awake. After 8 minutes, sleep is not far off !

Who Can Benefit?
Anyone with problems falling asleep : scared of the dark, waking up in the middle of the night, churning thoughts, stress, exam anxiety .

What’s Inside?
1 * Night Light Projector
1 * 6.56FT USB Cable
1 * English Instruction Manual

Warm Tip:
1. Do not look directly into the light source, avoid irreparable eye damage.
2. USB power supply or 4xAAA batteries can’t supply power at the same time.
3. This is a low-voltage products,Please rest assured to use.3 Lighting Modes — Mode A: bright light, turn the warm light on and off; Mode B: Color Conversion, Single Color light or Colorful light, 8 colorful light modes; Mode C: Rotary switch, make stars and moon spinning on the ceiling and wall. 3 Modes can be adjusted at the same time
Nightlights for Children. Lamps for Bedroom. Here is a new adorable companion to guard your child at night while he or she gently floats off to sleep. The projection of soft light creates on the walls of the star and moon patterns casting a warm atmosphere for bedroom. This adorable childs night light easily keeps fears of dark at bay
It can be used as a star projector at night and as a table lamp in the evening. Personalized night light projector for comfortable care about the kid in the darkness. You can change a diaper with a gentle light or read a book before going to bed, and in the daytime the night lamp becomes a stylish accessory for the interior
The projection light is made of high-quality and safe materials it is absolutely lovely to touch. the LED lamp lights up very softly. 8 kinds of color modes available, featuring a build in battery holder and it coming with 6.56FT USB line,Lightweight and easily transportable, this wonderful night light projector is suitable for your home and when on travel
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