Newcastle Islamic School Covered In 'Vile' Racist Graffiti After Break-In


Racist graffitti has been daubed on the walls of an Islamic school which sits on the former set of the former popular Geordie TV show Byker Grove.

Racist graffiti has been daubed on the walls of an Islamic school which sits on the former set of the popular Geordie TV show Byker Grove.

The perpetrators scrawled “moslem terrorists” and a swastika among other offensive symbols inside the Grade-2 listed building which houses the Bahr Academy in Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s West End.

Debris was left strewn across the building with pictures showing an overturned table and fire extinguishers lying on the floor.

The break-in is believed to have happened at some point overnight between Thursday and Friday.

Northumbria Police have confirmed the incident is being treated as a hate crime.

Sergeant Adrian Oakes, of the force’s central engagement team, said: “This type of mindless vandalism and blatant racism has no place in society and will be dealt with robustly by police.

“We would encourage any victims of hate crime to get in touch with police on 101 or through one of the many third-party reporting systems available online.

“Being you is not a crime, and anyone found to be targeting a person because of who they should expect to be contacted by police.”

The Muslim Council of Britain’s Harun Khan, told Huffpost UK: “In yet another Islamophobic attack targeted at British Muslim communities, it is shocking that a swastika symbol as well as other offensive images have been used by vandals in an attempt to intimidate local residents.”

The Bahr Academy on Sceptre Street, Elswick, is based on the former set of Geordie TV favourite Byker Grove after the charity bought the site in 2010.

The non-profit institute describes itself as the…

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