New Mums First Days Kit

All these essential products in one convenient pack: Includes: 1x Smartchoices Gel Breast Soother Pad with fridge storage polybag 1x Smartchoices Cooling Gel Femé Pad with freezer storage polybag 10x Femé Pad Gauze Sleeves. 20x Nursing Pads 3x Lanolin Plus Sachets The Smartchoices Gel Breast Soother Pad (with fridge storage polybag) Designed by an experienced nurse midwife and used by nursing mothers all over the world. The SmartChoices breast soother provides; warming therapy for blocked milk ducts, mastitis or weaning and with cooling therapy for engorgement. Eases discomfort that may be associated with nursing. Does not affect milk production. This is a reusable product and simple to use in both the hospital and at home. The Smartchoices Cooling Gel Femé Pad (with freezer storage polybag)
Femé Pad® provides cooling relief from vaginal irritations or inflamed haemorrhoids that may be caused by pregnancy or childbirth. Relieves post-partum soreness. Simple to use both in the hospital and at home. Non-invasive, drug free, discreet and comfortable. Safe for use during pregnancy, post-partum and while nursing
when cooling is needed to soothe soreness or swelling. Nursing Pads Single-Use Nursing Pads are contoured to fit your natural shape. Soft, non-linting lining draws moisture away from your skin providing you with comfort and discreet protection. Absorbent core traps wetness keeping you and your clothing dry. Breathable backing prevents moisture from flowing through the nursing pad to your clothing. Lightly coloured stay-with-you backing does not show through clothing. Adhesive strips keep Nursing Pad in place. Lanolin Plus Nipple Cream Sachets Designed to sooth and protect sore nipples and other skin irritations. Lanolin plus is made with Kamolam® a revolutionary blend of highly refined natural ingredients. Glides on, absorbs quickly, and will not stain clothing. Hypo allergenic, non-toxic, and completely safe for ingestion.Gel Breast Soother Pad
Cooling Gel Femé Pad
Femé Pad Gauze Sleeves.
Nursing Pads
Lanolin Plus Sachets

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