'New Girl' Fans Say Emotional Farewell To The Show As Series Finale Airs

After seven seasons, some seriously impressive A-list guest stars and more prat-falls, comic misunderstandings and hectic games of True American than we can count, ‘New Girl’ came to an end on Tuesday (15 May).

The last instalment of one of the quirkiest sitcoms of recent times aired in the US last night, with the main characters’ storylines wrapped up in a fairly neat bow.

Zooey Deschanel’s titular ‘New Girl’, Jess, ended up tying the knot with roommate Nick, with the two eventually making their peace with saying goodbye to the loft they’ve lived in for the past decade.

FOX via Getty Images
The cast of ‘New Girl’ say goodbye

In the end, a flashforward showed that Jess and Nick  stay together and have children, as do Aly and Winston and CeCe and Schmidt, with all the families playing True American together in the future.

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