NEW! Baby Bowl with Quality Suction Pad and Secure Lid, BPA and Other Chemical Toxins Free. Stainless Steel Bowls for Babies & Toddlers are Perfect For Keeping Food Warm. – Comes With Anti Scald Feature (Blue)

Food grade 304 Stainless steel – Keeps food warm or cold perfect for kids to eat from. Most child prefer to eat food that is warm which is super easy with the sBUBS stainless steel bowl. Keep the sBUBS bowl clean using a non abrasive cloth. Dishwasher top shelf safe Due to stainless steel not to be used in a microwave Plastic gets warn away and dented where you don’t have that issue with Stainless Steel it never wears out. Why buy a new plastic bowl every couple of months when you can buy a quality bowl that will last for many years. Give the best to your child – why take the risk with plastic bowls? High quality Product – Perfect as a present for a friend, relative or yourself! We offer a 100% money back guaranteeBPA and CHEMICAL FREE – Be sure what you are giving your child is chemical free and not just trust the company selling it. Stainless steel is the BEST material for not passing on germs and toxic chemicals.
NO MESS OR SPILLS – Stops kids moving or tipping over the product making it easier for them to become independent eaters.
TRANSPORT WARM FOOD WITH A SAFE LID – If your child likes warm food when on the go this is the perfect solution. Warm the food up at home and put into the sBUBS product and it will stay warm.
ANTI SCALD FEATURE – Plastic is 2 layers away from the hot surface so your child will not get burnt from a warm surface.
NO COLOUR / RESIDUE MARKS FROM PREVIOUS MEALS – Unlike plastic no colouring or food particles will get dissolved into the material. Be sure what your kids are eating is fresh.

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