Naty by Nature Babycare Size 5 ECO Nappies – 4 x Packs of 23 (92 Nappies)

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Product DescriptionNature Babycare Nappies are highly engineered nappies that provide superior performance combined with the highest content of natural material possible in a disposable nappy.Nature Babycare Nappies are 100% chlorine-free, based on natural and biodegradable materials,100% GM free, and OK Compost certified. The film used as a back sheet is a biodegradable film, not only water-resistant but also more breathable, resulting in an airier, drier, and more comfortable nappy. The packaging is 100% biodegradable and OK Compost certified, based on natural chalk. The ultra-thin construction makes for a non-bulky fit that is comfortable for your baby.Nature Babycare is the recipient of the EcoBabyWorld’s Green Award for Outstanding Product 2009. The award is presented to recipients for their commitment to creating safe and eco-friendly baby products. Babycare Nappies have been honoured with numerous international awards including the Editor’s Choice Award in ’06-’07 from Junior Magazine in the United Kingdom and, more recently, the ’08-’09 Best Disposable Nappy Bronze Award from Mother and Baby Magazine in the UK.Made with natural and renewable material for the wellbeing of the child and the planet
No Perfume, totally chlorine free FSC approved pulp and outer cover
Leakage barrier and distribution layer made of natural material, giving a breathable nappy
Recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association

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