NASA And Google's AI Discover First Solar System Other Than Our Own With Eight Planets

NASA has revealed that by utilising Google’s artificial intelligence researchers have discovered the first known solar system with as many planets as our own.

Using a system called machine learning, Christopher Shallue a senior software engineer at Google AI was able to effectively teach a computer to look through the vast amounts of data collected by NASA’s Kepler space telescope and then identify a planet.

In this instance the computer was able to discover a brand-new planet called Kepler-90i. This increased the number of known planets in the Kepler 90 system to eight bringing it level only to our own solar system for having the most number of known planets.


The discovery confirms that sadly, our solar system is not as unique as we think and that stars are more than capable of supporting large numbers of planets.

Andrew Vanderburg, astronomer and NASA Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow at The…

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