Nappy bags Jumbo Box – 4 x 200 pack (800 in total)

Whether you are a new parent or an experienced nappy changer, you’ll find Nappy Bags TM essential for every change
With baby using around 5,000 nappies before he has even started potty practice, you’ll love the way they neutralise odours and seal germs in without any fuss – wherever you are.
Nappy Bags TM are perfect for disposing of all nappies from birth to weaning, and beyond. They are large enough to hold every nappy size and trainer pants, as well as any wipes used during a change.
By locking in the germs of a wet nappy with their easy-tie handles or giving you a baby-fresh fragrance by neutralising the odours of a dirty change, Nappys are the convenient, hygienic and responsible way to dispose of nappies in the home and when out and about.

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