Nappies Libero 7 Comfort XL Nappies 16-26 kg, Pack of 21

A uniquely designed skin care system in a range to suit most infants.The products utilise the latest ‘AIR’ technology to improve absorbency and softness. The curved leg elastics are designed for a more secure and comfortable fit. The breathable fabric backing helps to improve skin care, with wavy hooks for better fit and comfort.Despatched same working day if ordered before 3.0pmBreathable material keeping the baby’s delicate skin dry
Soft elastics make the product smoother and softer around the legs and prevent leakage
Super-absorbent core prevents leakages
Stretchable sides and waist band. Hugs the baby’s waist softly for a better fit
Suitable for babies weighing 16-26 kg, Pack of 21

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