Nadiya Hussain Confirms She WAS Asked To Do ‘Strictly’ This Year And Reveals Why She Won’t Ever Say Yes

Nadiya Hussain has revealed she was approached to take part in this year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

The ‘Great British Bake Off’ winner made the revelation during an interview with HuffPost UK on ‘BUILD’, admitting she didn’t want to be the “joke act” because she reckons she can’t actually dance.

And if you were hoping to see the writer and presenter donning a sparkly frock and busting out some moves on the ‘Strictly’ dance floor anytime in the future, we have bad news.


Nadiya Hussain

“My daughter was like ‘Oh I’d love it if you did ‘Strictly’’. She’d absolutely love it,” she said. “But for me… I wait all year to watch ‘Strictly’. When you work in television you realise how long it takes and what it takes to create a TV show and I don’t want to kill that magic because Strictly’s all I have!

“Once Strictly’s on the telly I’m so engrossed in the music and the drama of the dancing that I don’t want that taken away from me – I really enjoy being a viewer and that’s what I’ll always be. No, no sequins for me.”

She then added: “ It’s too much contact for me!”


Nadiya made an appearance on ‘BUILD’

We’re not sure Nadiya would be able to find the time to do ‘Strictly’ anyway. Since being crowned ‘Bake Off’ champ in 2015, the 33-year-old has become the most successful contestant ever.

As well as writing numerous hugely successful cookbooks and novels, she has become a regular face on television, including as a guest panellist on ‘Loose Women’, presenting ‘The Great Cookery Showdown’ alongside Zoe Ball on BBC One and fronting her own documentary, ‘The Chronicles Of Nadiya’.

Her latest book, ‘Nadiya’s Bake Me A Celebration Story’ – her third cookbook and storybook compilation for children – is out today.

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