My Eight Children Are Constant Reminders Of How Wonderful My Mumbod Is

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jenifer moss
(This is my seventh child, Eve, just moments after her birth. Isn’t she perfect? I made her!)

My husband and I tried for two years to get pregnant with our first baby. As the months turned into years, we worried that we might never be able to have a child. I felt broken, I wanted a child like I had never wanted anything in my life. My husband never doubted we would have a large family someday. When we finally saw two lines on our home pregnancy test, we were both overjoyed. Pregnancy felt like a miracle and a blessing to us, and it was.

There is something magical about that first ultrasound. When you see inside your abdomen and hear the strong, fast beating of another heart. I was amazed how fiercely I loved that unborn child within my womb.

My pregnancies were never easy. Aside from daily morning sickness, I was diagnosed with a blood condition that required blood transfusions throughout the last few months of each pregnancy. I had many miscarriages. Even delivery was difficult for me. People often told me that they would have had a large family if pregnancies were easier for them. I wondered if I would have had a smaller family if pregnancies were easier for me.

I think having to fight to have a family helped me to feel that pregnancy was a gift. Having to fight for two years to get pregnant and nine months to stay pregnant, having to endure hours of Pitocin and fear of emergency surgery during deliveries, just made that magical moment when I held my beautiful child for the first time, feel almost surreal. It was like crossing the finish line of a marathon I had run for over 9 months. No medal around my neck could ever compare with the rush of accomplishment and pure amazement I would feel the first time my warrior, mother body was able to feed my newborn baby.

Women’s bodies are AMAZING. We create life. We sustain life. We nourish life. Oh, what a privilege it is to have a mumbod.

My body created EIGHT, beautiful children. I have spent 105 months of my life creating…

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