My 5 year old has stinky feet!

Why does your kid get smelly feet so often? And it is something you should be worried about?

April 9, 2016

Young Parents Team

Phew! You just removed your child’s shoes and they do not smell pleasant. Why does this happen?

Dr Cheng Tai Kin, a paediatrician at Kinder Clinic explains: this may be caused by too much perspiration. Wash his feet with a mild soap and water three to four times a day – it’s best done after he takes off his shoes and comes into the house.

Air his feet as much as possible, by switching to slippers or sandals, to prevent sweat from accumulating on them.

But if you notice any rash or broken skin on his feet, take him to a doctor. These can also lead to smelly feet and require treatment.

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