Muumi Baby Premium Eco Nappies – Size 1, 2-5 kg (4-11 lbs), 25 pcs

From the very first nappy we ever produced, our goal has always been to offer only pure, safe and skin friendly nappies with minimal impact on the environment. Now 40 years later our nappies contain no added chemicals or toxins such as chlorine or perfumes to prevent irritation to your baby’s delicate skin. The materials used to produce our nappies are carefully selected to ensure that the nappies are suitable to be disposed in an incineration plant and no production waste is shipped to the landfill but is either recycled or burned. Skin-friendliness is one of our most important values. Muumi Baby nappies and pull-up pants are made in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation. We want to keep our Muumi baby nappies and pull-up pants as pure and free of unnecessary chemicals. Our nappies and pull-up pants do not contain any allergenic agents such as latex, formaldehyde or phthalates. Nor have we added any scents, lotions or coloring. All the used materials are totally safe for your baby, even the glue we use can be used in in contact with groceries. Alongside with skin-friendliness we also make every effort to ensure to produce only environmentally responsible baby nappies and pull-up pants. Due to these ambitions, we have been granted the Nordic Ecolabel. The criteria set by the Nordic Ecolabel is only a minimum what we try to accomplish. Muumi Baby nappies and pull-up pants are packed in biodegradable bags that you can reuse as bio-waste bags, for example. As we all know; the baby’s skin is extremely sensitive to external sources of irritation. Therefore, cellulose we use is bleached by using the oxygen bleaching method. This is a much safer alternative than chlorine bleaching for both your baby’s skin and the environment. The combination between skin friendliness, environmentally friendly product lifecycle and premium performance makes our nappies the best choice for your baby.SAFE MATERIALS – we have selected the safest materials to create the best nappies for your baby’s sensitive skin.
NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS – Our nappies are 100 % Totally chlorine free (TCF) with no added perfumes or other toxins
ALLERGY LABELLED – We manufacture our nappies in Finland in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation.
HIGH PERFORMANCE – the shape and fit of our nappies ensures that the total absorption before leakages is taken to the maximum level.
ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE – The Nordic ecolabel ensures that we take environmental aspects into consideration from raw material selection to the product disposal. For example, our nappies and pull-up pants are packed in biodegradable bags.

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