Musical Fishing Board Game Toy Rotating Magnetic Toy Colorful Light with Fishes and Fishing Rods for 3+ kids, Color Random Delivery (Control music)

♥♥Attentively selected materials. The use of safe and non-toxic environmental plastics, colorful material, makes product more beautiful.
♥♥ Share joy with partner = 40 fish + 8 fishing rods.
♥♥Small fish are different colors with lovely cartoon style. This fish can cultivate children’s color perception and feeling of color.
♥♥The simulated fishing rod can adjust the angle to make it easy for kids to catch fish when he is fishing.
♥♥The fish board is designed as a flower type. This board fosters children a sense of cognition and imagination of object.
♥♥A good game for kids to interact. Parents could play with kids. Or the kids could play with their friends. Teach child how to communicate with the others and share something with other.
★ Easy fishing. The fish in the turntable will open its mouth automatically. The user only needs to put the hook in the mouth of the fish and can easily catch the fish.
★ Musical rotating board. Accompanied by cheerful music and rotating board, fishing becomes more interesting.
★ Good toys to interact with children. The number of fish, the variety of play, suitable for many people to play.
★ Taking in creel anti lost. There is 4 fish pocket around to prevent the child from losing the fish.
★ Lovely and diverse stereoscopic fish. Colourful fish can cultivate children’s color perception and feeling of color.

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