Mums-To-Be Obstetric & Labour Pain Relief Dual Channel stimulator with Boost button to control all stages of pain relief in labour

Mode 1. Mums to be Obstetric and labour mode
The labour mode is very simple and easy to use. The integral boost button allows for the mother to be in total control of her own pain relief, with 4 specifically designed programmes which give pain relief throughout all stages of child birth.

Mode 2. Pelvic Floor Stimulation
The electronic pelvic floor stimulator uses 6 programmes of neuromuscular stimulation to tone, tighten and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which is ideal for use immediately after child birth.

Mode 3. Muscle toning – bums, tums and thigh mode
Four specific programmes to help improve the:
1. Abdominal muscles
2. Leg and buttock muscles
3. Inner thing muscles
4. Waist line toning and shaping

These programmes help to tighten and tone each muscle group. Electrode placement and treatment guidelines are provided in the comprehensive user manual.

Mode 4. TENS Pain relief mode
The Mums-to-Be TENS offers two programmes specifically set to treat all types of pain from sports injuries to long-term chronic conditions.

Accessories supplied
1x Mums to Be TENS unit
1x Patient Leads
1x 9v PP3 Duracell heavy-duty battery
1x SA10 5x5cm pack of electrodes (4 electrodes per pack)
1x Carry pouch
1x Instruction / Step by Step guide user manualThe latest edition to the Premier Range of TENS & Muscle Stimulation Units. Features 4 modes in 1 device
1. Obstetrics and Labour TENS Pain Relief
2. Pelvic Floor Muscle Toning
3. Bums, Tums, Tone, Shape and Muscle re-education
4. Pain Relief TENS

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