Mum Who Built Incredible Homemade Play Kitchen Unveils New Cardboard Creations

The play kitchen that previously held a cooker, cupboards, fridge and microwave has been “renovated” to include a small pantry.

“Audrey started to identify some fruits and vegetables when I built the play kitchen and I thought a small pantry will be a great addition to store them,” Villanueva-Reyes said.

“I also did some minor improvements such as the faucet, curtains, print out of the refrigerator and microwave.

“Luckily, the play kitchen is still in very good condition to date. Surprisingly, Audrey never tries to destroy it, maybe because she saw me build it from cardboard boxes!”

The mum said her daughter’s reaction was “priceless” when she saw the final result.

“She immediately ran to the play kitchen and played with her toys, she never gets tired of playing in it,” she…

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