Mum Shares Story Of 'Love And Loss' To Help Those Feeling Suicidal

A mum has revealed how her pregnancy and the birth of her baby daughter “forced her to live” after her husband’s sudden death.

Sinéad Hingston, 35, was 19 weeks pregnant when her husband, Geoff, died in July 2011 while they were on holiday in Portugal. The couple had been married just seven months.

“I have never felt a wave of darkness wash over me as quick as I did that day,” she wrote on Facebook.

Sinéad Hingston with her daughter Lily and boyfriend

“I don’t remember a huge amount from the moment I got that news… ‘I’m sorry we did everything we could, he didn’t make it’,” Hingston continued.

“I laughed nervously. Then I passed out.

Hingston said she doesn’t remember much of her pregnancy until around the time her waters broke, at 1am on 11 December 2011.

“There it was. The…

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