Mum Shares Photos Of Her Post-Baby Body Four Weeks After Giving Birth Explaining 'Recovery Is Slow'

Mum Shares Photos Of Her Post-Baby Body Four Weeks After Giving Birth Explaining ‘Recovery Is Slow’ | HuffPost UK

A mum has shared an honest account of how she feels about her body four weeks after giving birth for the third time.

Kirsty McKenzie, from the US, who blogs at The Mummysomniac, said she feels that her recovery has been slow, but “that’s okay”.

“My recovery is slower than it has been the last two times… and that’s ok,” she wrote on Facebook on 27 June.

“Each of my own pregnancies and recoveries has been different, I can’t compare them.

“And if I can’t even compare my own three experiences, then how can I compare mine with someone else’s?” 

McKenzie continued: “My body is no less ‘real’ than anyone else’s. 

“It’s just as real as the person rocking her pre-pregnancy jeans and super flat stomach at one week post-partum.”

The mum explained how her body is feeling four weeks after giving birth, writing: “[I have a] rounded and soft squishy tummy, lots of bruising still (both internal and external), an abdominal separation (which I haven’t had properly checked because of the internal bruising).

“Oh, and a brand new scar marking Hannah’s grand entrance into this world.

“At this point, almost every aspect of me has been changed again, changed permanently. And the best thing is, this time around, quite frankly, I couldn’t care less.”

Commenting on the photo, one person wrote: “Beautiful, strong, loving mumma.”

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