Mum Celebrates Birth Of Baby With Complete Strangers Due To Hilarious Text Message Mix Up

A new mum celebrated the birth of her baby with three complete strangers, thanks to a text message sent to the wrong number.

Lindsey Lashley, from Georgia, America, gave birth to her first son with husband Mark on Saturday 19 March.

Lashley’s mother sent a group message announcing the birth, but accidentally included a wrong number that belonged to a man called Dennis Williams.

Instead of ignoring the message, Williams decided to pay the new mum (and grandmother) a visit.

“We didn’t know them but they texted by phone saying they was having a baby so we pull up,” Williams wrote on Facebook. 

Williams shared screenshots of the hilarious exchange between him and Lashley’s mother on his Facebook. 

The texts started with a message saying: “We are at the hospital having a baby today! She…

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