Multi-purpose Bamboo 2-in-1 Nappy Liners & Wipes (200 sheets/roll)

200 tear-off super soft bamboo sheets per roll. Each sheet is approximately 12″ x 7″ (30 cm x 18 cm) and can be trimmed or teased a little wider to the size you need. Made of 100% BAMBOO fibres, the bamboo sheets can be used as luxurious and gentle nappy liners and as wipes. WHEN USED AS NAPPY LINERS: These 100% bamboo sheets are ultra-soft and gentle when dry. When wet, bamboo does not feel as dry as synthetic fabrics, therefore once soiled it is recommended to be replaced. What is the point to have great soft nappies and lining them with rough, paper like liners? Use these bamboo sheets and feel the difference!!! WHEN USED AS WIPES: These ultra-soft and gentle 100% bamboo sheets are great for sensitive skin and can be used dry, with water or your favourite trusted solution. Use these bamboo wipes anywhere (face, nose, hands, etc.) and feel the difference !!! Bamboo has a luxurious feel, is naturally anti-bacterial, and does not generate static. Bamboo has also many ecological benefits. Some of the environmental benefits are its biodegradability, its fast renewability (bamboo can grow a meter or more per day) and efficient space consumption, its low water use as the growth can be sustained by rain water, and its organic status as there is virtually no need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The fact that bamboo plants require no agricultural chemicals to thrive and grow with very little to no use of pesticides is partly due to a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent, known as bamboo kun, which gives the plant a natural resistance. Also the bamboo kun in bamboo is thought to stop bacteria from growing and spreading in the textiles. All this makes it good for your little one and for the environment. CERTIFIED TO THE RIGOROUS OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, CLASS 1 (CLASS 1 – PRODUCTS FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS).Awarded Gold by parents. 200 easy to tear multipurpose bamboo sheets per roll. These are the purest and softest wipes & liners, made of 100% BAMBOO. Strong, super-soft and velvety feel.
Free from chemical nasties / independently UK lab tested and also CERTIFIED TO THE RIGOROUS OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, CLASS 1 (CLASS 1 – PRODUCTS FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS). Oeko-Tex means that Canny Mum Bamboo Liners & Wipes are 100% free of harmful substances. This is an extremely valuable certification and is further assurance for parents that Canny Mum Bamboo Liners & Wipes are free from any nasties and are very safe for children’s health and the environment too.
Dye free, fragrance free and chlorine free.
Size per sheet: approximately 12″ x 7″ ( 30 cm x 18 cm).

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