M&S Pulls 'Cauliflower Steak': Here Are Other Over-Packaged, Pre-Cut Veg We Could Do Without

Marks and Spencer plans to pull its ‘cauliflower steak’ from sale after being slammed for using “lots of plastic” for what is effectively a slice of veg. 

The supermarket raised eyebrows on Tuesday after Twitter user Rachel Clarke shared a photo of the product, which was retailing for £2.

Responding to the backlash, an M&S spokesperson confirmed once stores are out of stock, they “won’t be ordering any more of this product”. 

“We work hard to create quick and convenient meals for customers; however, on this occasion we didn’t get it right,” they said in a statement given to HuffPost UK.

“We have launched many other vegetarian dishes that are already proving popular with customers.”

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