MonkeyTots Teething Mitten Baby Soother Glove – Pain Relief Remedy for Sore Gums and Cutting Teeth, Gel Applicator for Babies Mouths Suitable from 2 months to Toddler

★ MonkeyTots Teething Mitten Baby Soother Glove★

From the first tooth to the back molars, babies and toddlers tend to bite down and chew on their hands while in pain from the eruption of new teeth which can cause sore or chapped little digits. This clever, small teething mitt has a soft, flexible silicone tip which is gentle on baby’s inflamed gums. It is designed for your child to munch on and to stop chapped or sore fingers caused by chewing and saliva directly on the skin. With many features included for effective comfortable wear, ease of use and with an added entertainment factor this is the ideal item to help see you and your baby through the tough teething years.

TO ENSURE HIGHEST QUALITY, FAST DELIVERY AND AMAZON PRIME SERVICE – PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ORDER ONLY FROM MONKEYTOTSUK ON THIS LISTING ★ COMFORTING TEXTURED SILICONE TIP to naturally relieve and calm infant gums from the painful teething process while protecting the sensitive skin on small fingers for a happy baby and therefore a happy parent. The lightweight, breathable, quick drying material of the soothing glove will help absorb any excess dribble from your MonkeyTots mouth caused by their new teeth to help reduce uncomfortable drool rashes.
★ UNIVERSAL DESIGN The teether will fit on either the left or right hand depending on your child’s preference. The mit is a gorgeous, contemporary, unisex mint green colour chosen with both boys and girls in mind (also available in bright green, rose pink and pastel blue). The mitten is perfect for ages 2 months to 12 months.
★ ALWAYS ON HAND ready for your newborn to use with ease and convenience. The comfortable, strong velcro adjustable strap around the wrist means the glove stays fastened to your babies fist ready to use at all times. Whilst baby is still learning to hold and grasp standard teethers, this mitt will not be dropped on dirty floors or get lost solving the constant problem parents face with other teething rings or toys. Perfect for less stress when on the move!
★ MADE WITH MACHINE WASHABLE, SAFE, HIGH QUALITY BPA AND PHTHALATE FREE FOOD GRADE SILICONE so you don’t have to worry about harmful toxins and chemicals. The silicone is also mould and bacteria resistant and exceptionally durable. Our mitt has been tested and meets European Safety Standards (EN71) so you can be rest assured about the safety and quality of the product when you purchase with MonkeyTotsUK.
★ SENSORY FEATURES to keep baby amused. The glove has a hidden crinkle paper patch built in to help develop auditory senses and the understanding of cause and effect. It is made with a fun, bright, multi-coloured spotty design to stimulate vision and encourage focus and attention. Chewing is also a common way for little ones to calm, focus, and self-regulate. The nubby silicone area not only massages tender gums but also provides a safe way to contribute to healthy oral sensory processing.

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