Mombella® FDA-Certified Soft Silicone Gum Brush BPA Free Baby Teething Toy – Octopus Doo, 3M+, 4 Colors (Blue)

Octopus-Doo: The Best Way To Help Your Baby Deal With Teething Period!

A Smart Teether Designed To Take Your Baby’s Pain Away!

Your child will love this adorable octopus that looks just amazing and it is super easy to grip.

The hat of the octopus, as well as each one of its 8 tentacles, has different textures and a variety of bumps so that your baby can always have something interesting to chew!

The wide variety of textures will cover the different needs that your child has, according to his age.

In the first months, the small legs will be the best for your tiny baby while chewing the hat will be perfect for the older age.

Safe & Effective Relief Of Pain – Invest In Quality!

As many happy mother share, Doo Octopus offered such a soothing effect to their babies.

Thanks to its smart design, not only will it provide a relaxing massage to your baby’s gums but it will also help your baby establish a good oral hygiene even from the first few months of his life.

Don’t Lose More Time- Delight Your Baby Today !

And Remember, Mothers Approved! – Place Your Order Now!The best tether for your baby : the doo octopus is the safest way to help your baby ease the pain of the teething period
Thoughtful design: thanks to the smart design of the doo-octopus, this tether won’t slide out of your baby’s mouth like all the others do
Utmost quality: when it comes to the care of your baby, you simply go for the best this amazing tether is made by fda approved food grade silicone
Durability & convenience: feel free to clean this amazing tether in the washing machine
Praised as the best tether by thousands mothers: this great product has been loved by mothers and babies all over the world

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