Mias threading game with 10 wooden beads (8animals and 2 Figures) and storage box wooden Noah’s Ark develops fine motor and cognitive skills/threading chain/sorting game/motor skill toys 7 dexterity game 7 action game 7 numeracy game – with 2 year money back guarantee

♥ ♥ A challenge for the fingers and the brain
Mias Threading Game immediately awakens curiosity in little ones- it´s fun to sort the bright figures, to thread them, and put them into Noah´s Ark. Older children can sort the figures into the right order by correctly ordering them according to the numbers on the back.

Child friendly learning with Mias Threading Game
By means of the colourful Ark and the sweet figures, the story of Noah can be vividly explained.

With the help of these cute animal figures, learning is fun
This dexterity training toy helps in the development of children´s motor skills, as well as cognitive function, and the many colourful figures makes sure that games are always diverse and varied. Arranged strictly in the correct order, or according to imagination, this threading game always brings joy.

♥ ♥ Included in Delivery
• Mias Threading Game
Dimensions: Length of the string 81,5 cm
Size of the Ark 14,6 x 18 x 7,2 cm

♥ ♥ Educational game for training finger dexterity – this toy trains motor skills, combinations skills and concentration abilities in children from 18 months.

♥ ♥ High quality materials – the quality of the wood is strictly controlled to make sure it fulfils all demands for good tolerability.

♥ ♥ How the game works – This game, which fosters dexterity, includes 10 easy to handle wooden beads (8 animals and two figures: Noah and his wife) which can be threaded by means of a wooden needle, onto the string. All components can be stored and transported in the wooden storage box in the shape of Noah´s Ark.

♥ ♥ Makes an excellent gift – whether for a birthday or Christmas present, or any occasion, Mias Threading Game is always received with much excitement.

♥ ♥ Money back guarantee: Benefit from our 2 year money back guarantee and purchase Mias threading Game without risk.

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