'McMafia' Episode 3 Review: Nine Questions It Left Us Asking

‘McMafia’ continued apace on Sunday (7 January) night, with its third episode in the space of a week. 

And if your head was still swirling from all the goings-on in the last two instalments, bosses decided to move the action forward by a number of weeks to make it even harder to keep up. 


With Dimitri having recovered from his suicide attempt, his story was explored more with the revelations he has been having an affair, but that wasn’t the only curious thing that was served up about his character…

Meanwhile, Vadim’s business was taking a hit from Benes and Semiyon’s operations, and he set out on the hunt for answers as to why.

And when Alex found himself invited to the South of France by a mysterious man who he was supposed to have gone to university with, the plot took a fresh twist with a shock basement discovery…

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