Maths Games for kids, KS2, KS1, KS3 – FUN Math Board Game with dice, for Children to increase Confidence – Perfect for Times Tables, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication – Rules in 1 Language

An infinitely engaging, fun, educational Maths board game that will make learning Maths a game play for your child!

It’s time to improve on maths skills using play-learning; such an EASY way that requires NO REAL EFFORT on your part. What a no-brainer way to help your child increase self-confidence, love maths more, enjoy maths more, make maths fun, increase grades, reduce maths anxiety, build more opportunities for the future & achieve higher!

You know how you worry sometimes about confusing your child with old methods and old techniques of teaching maths when you help them, this game solves that problem. No more struggles with your child, conflicting between being a friend and being bossy, arguments and pulling your hair out.

Have a win-win situation for you and your child! Spend time doing fun stuff with them; at the same time helping them make a bigger headway in life! Help Your Child Build Maths Confidence & Highly Improve Their Creative Thinking With This Incredible Board Game Brought To You By BeGenio! The Perfect Way For Your Kid To Learn While Playing, Not Realising They Are Learning! Support your child to embark on a fun adventure that applies fundamental maths to real life, using numbers from 1 – 12 so it covers the whole Times tables & four main maths operations! Collect credit tokens, use risky luck cards &watch out for the Odds Lock and the Evens Lock – anything can happen! Help Your Child Develop & Enhance Numerous Additional, Crucial Life Skills! Race To Infinity is not just another Maths board game, as it also helps your child to practise and develop: · Decision-making · Analytical Thinking · Critical Thinking · Logic & Reasoning · Spacial Skills Has two 12-sided dice, 32 Luck cards, credit money set. Board: 49 x 49 cm. Place Your Order This Moment & Help Your Child Build More Confidence. PERFECT GIFT FOR FRIEND√ HELP YOUR CHILD BE SMARTER, EXCITED & MOTIVATED ABOUT MATHS √ Built to help your child improve & enjoy maths more & be willing to do maths. With no effort, just by them playing this very FUN, ENGAGING game, increase your child’s chances to get into a good school & college & chances to get amazing money-saving scholarships that’ll save you 1,000s. Best maths game to help you become a proud & fulfilled parent knowing the perfect secret to increase child’s grades.
√ KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD & BOND WITH YOUR CHILD & FAMILY! √ Thousands of families around the world are enjoying having fun with Race To Infinity & its excellent replay-ability unique feature; making maths fun with their kids. The game allows your kids to practise maths and gain crucial maths skills, giving them an advantage in school & life. Mark the end of your feeling helpless, and stop that feeling of not knowing how to effectively and confidently help them with maths.
√ EASY WAY TO REDUCE MATHEMATICAL ANXIETY AND HAVE A HAPPY CHILD √ Race To Infinity game helps reduce maths phobia and helps your child prevent or overcome their fear of maths while simply playing it while having fun! This game is different from other maths games as it will help your child be happy with mathematics at home and at school. Plus increase your child’s interest and willingness to do maths, so they can be more comfortable with maths; enjoy mathematics lessons. PERFECT AS A GIFT FOR FRIEND.
√ GET YOUR GAMES & HELP US SUPPORT LESS-PRIVILEGED CHILDREN IN AFRICA. √ We have partnered with Slum2School that takes kids from the slums, who have never been to school before into school. This is life changing. PLUS 10% of profit from your Race To Infinity mathematics games purchased goes towards donating maths games to these schools in Africa. Click Add to Cart Now To Catapult Your Child’s Success in Maths AND in Life, and Give Your Child More Confidence. See What You’ve Been Missing!
√ GUARANTEED TO INCREASE CONFIDENCE & IMPROVE YOUR CHILD’S MATHS SKILLS √ After a few times of playing this maths game, your child will become more maths-confident just 4 weeks. In no time, you will be looking at a positively-transformed child! Fight and prevent low confidence and increase your kid’s self-esteem and self-worth making them feel really good about themselves. “I turned the 12 multiplication Times Table into a breeze to learn without pain with Race To Infinity” – Jackie O.

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