MAP of the WORLD – LARGE – Wall sticker – Wall Art For Children – Kids Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Office, Playroom – High Quality Vinyl Hand Printed

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“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” – O. Fred Donaldson

The best way to teach your child is making them learn while playing. This multi-colour Educational Wall Vinyl World map poster is a great help introducing the Planet Earth to your little one. The funny cartoon characters especially cute and really captures children’s attention. They happily learn the geography with ease. With this fantastic wall decals learning will become a game and this is a good reason to spend some more time playing that game and encourage their creativity. This attractive wall decoration will help you to become a super parent in your child’s eyes!

This educational childrens wall stickers Wall map of the world is easy to apply on your wall. It do not need tape to put on your wall. controls the quality of printing. It is a guarantee for vivid colours and no creases. The wall art decals come securely rolled in a plastic tube and not folded.

Feel free to use the Large World map wall stickers in your child’s room, nursery, school or playground. The Continents set is a great addition to brighten the empty space on a wall and to bring educational and funny spirit.

This Large World map wall art:
– have bright colours
– is high quality
– can be easily applied without additional tape
– come securely rolled in a tube without creases
– is perfect for home, nursery, school and playground

All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Please check the dimensions before purchasing the product.

CREATIVE LEARNING – We all know that our children learn the best when they are having fun! We have designed a colourful map of the world as a decorative, creative learning tool. Multi-colored in a great size of HEIGHT – 110 cm (43.3 inch) x LENGTH – 55 (21.6 inch) children of all ages will enjoy this fun geographical aid.
DESIGNED BY PARENT FOR YOU – Our children wall stickers are made of high quality, soft, flexible vinyl, as long as your wall is clean and dust free before application they are easy to apply and last for many years. Super colourful print makes the map vibrant and fun. They can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth to remove fingers marks and keep them looking like new!
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Black Cat Art is committed to you – the Customer and your happiness please contact our 24 hour support team with any questions or issues you may have, we are here to help!
On this MULTI-COLOUR EDUCATIONAL WALL ART you can see Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australia with their typical animals – lion, zebra, monkey, tiger, giant panda, Indian elephant, bear, wolf, reindeer, wild boar, raccoon, beaver, moose, alligator, mountain lion, armadillo, crocodile, lama, anaconda snake, giant tortoise, kangaroo, koala bear and emu.
In each continent you can find the MOST FAMOUS WONDERS – the Egyptian sphinx and pyramids, the Sahara desert, Mount Kilimanjaro and the river Nile in Africa. Himalayas, Gobi desert and Krabi Provence – in Asia. Over in Europe there are the Colosseum in Rome, the Acropolis in Athens and Stonehenge in England. In North America there are Niagara Falls, Florida Everglades and the Grand Canyon. In South America you can find Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, the Amazon River, Angel Falls in Venezuela.

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