Make bathtime fun for your toddler

At the end of a busy day spent growing, learning new skills and getting to grips with walking, a warm bath can be a soothing place for a tired little mind and body to relax; a gentle reminder that it’s not long until bedtime; and an easy way to rinse off your little one after messy fun! But run an afternoon bath and you can transform bathtime into a sense-stimulating adventure, and a time for play in the middle of your day – right when your baby is at his best! It’s a way to add a different element to your little one’s fun and, because it’s just water providing the entertainment, there’s no clearing up to do afterwards. Bonus!

In the tub, you can create a sensory playground for him to experiment and learn what floats and sinks, what’s empty and what’s full, and to develop his fine motor skills while he’s at it. But, most of all, bathtime offers a moment where you and your tot can have some one-on-one time, to bond and have fun.

Chances are you won’t be splashing about in sun-drenched seas right not, but try these games for ten minutes of togetherness, and you can still splash about all summer long!

Chill out!

As long as you’re careful that your toddler doesn’t try to eat them, ice cubes make a great addition to a bath. There’s lots of fun to be had finding and chasing the slippery cubes around the bath to catch them before they melt. Or why not freeze one of his bath toys in a small tub of water? Add it to the bath and see how long it takes for the ice to melt. Take care to keep a check on the temperature of the water, though, to make sure it doesn’t grow too cool for you tot.

Jump in and join him!

Your toddler will love it if you get in the bath with him. Wear a swimming costume if it makes you feel more comfortable. All that skin-on-skin contact makes for a rich sensory experience.

Take a toy teapot and cups, and have a pretend tea party for two!