Luxja Baby Waterproof Sleeved Bib, Long Sleeve Bib for Toddler (6-24 Months) (1 Sleeved bib, Flamingo)

Every parent knows how messy it can get when a child is learning to eat by himself.
This bib is great for a messy eater or the artist in your family.
Your child will love it and you will do to.

The fabric is nice to touch. waterproof and easy to clean.
Fun colors to put on your child. It is enticing to your little angle.

Reasonable Design
●Adjustable Hook-and-loop fasteners
The neck opening can be adjusted by Hook-and-loop fasteners. So food can’t sneak in and stain the collar of shirts.
● Long Sleeves
The long sleeves are great for keeping clothes clean.
●Reversible Pockets
The flap on the bottom can be used to capture and collect the food bombs he/she rains on himself/herself at meals, but is reversible if you don’t want to use that feature.
The crumb-catch-all pocket can be kept open to do its job more effectively. It catches much more food and liquid.
● A small pocket
We added a small pocket on the front to put some little things that your baby likes.

Multiple functions
Great for a messy eater in your family.
Good for painting projects.
Keep your baby’s clothe dry when wash his/her hair.

We definitely recommend this product to a mom trying to keep clothes neat. Made from waterproof , stain-resistant and easy-to-clean fabric. Machine Washable.
Adjustable Hook-and-loop fasteners in back which makes it easy to put on.
The flap on the bottom can be used as food catcher— use or turn inside if you choose not to use it.
Several cute prints for your choice. Prompt: we also sell baby sleeved bib in set of 2 with preferential price. For more information, please search Luxja Baby Waterproof Sleeved Bib.
Great for a messy eater. Also suitable for painting projects and haircut.

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