Lunata® nasal shower for children and adults + dosing spoon + 2 tips + recipes for nasal irrigation, nose shower, nasal wash cleaning

CLEAR NOSE in case of colds or pollen allergy. The isotonic saline solution for nasal irrigation moistens dry mucous and frees you from pollen, dust and everyday dirt. Nasal cleansing is also recommended for preventive nose care.
ADJUSTABLE water flow – the irrigation solution only flows if you press the button at the bottom. The use is therefore easy and stress free.
Suitable for ADULTS AND CHILDREN: adults and children can use the nasal wash kit thanks to various tips, which provide a different amount of water.
CLEANING: easy cleaning thanks to the large opening of the compartment. Thoroughly rinse all parts of the nose shower after each nasal wash.
CONTENTS: 1x nasal shower 300ml, 1x tip for adults, 1x tip for children, 1x dosing spoon 1g and 3g, instructions in german and recipes for nasal irrigation in PDF.

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